Natural Peach Toned Makeup by Beverley Shim

Natural Peach Toned Makeup

A detailed how-to guide on a natural peach-toned look


Master this glowing natural beautiful makeup look perfect for weddings and special occasions. This is the kind of makeup that will look good on anyone as it is so neutral and easy to achieve. If you are a makeup artist looking to improve your makeup skills, or a makeup enthusiast interested in bettering your makeup techniques, this is the online class for you.

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What's included?

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Introduction to the look
Skin Preparation
Clean up any unwanted hair on the face
Primer application for glowing skin
How to get the right tone of foundation for your skin
Apply flawless foundation that looks like skin
Cream highlighting and concealing technique
Cream contouring for 3D face sculpting
Blending the base for a seamless finish
How and where to apply cream blusher
Setting makeup for long lasting results
Subtle shimmer highlight for glowing effect
Preparation before eye makeup
Natural peach socket eyeshadow technique (matte finish)
Gel eyelining and smudging for a natural effect
Applying inner corner and how to make water liner last long
How to curl lashes in detail and applying waterproof mascara
Applying natural fake lashes without irritating the eyes
How to create natural feathery eyebrows with soap and pencil
Finishing Touches
How to fix lashes that had come off
Blush application for radiant finish
How to make shimmer highlight pop
How to make fake lashes feel invisible
Nude ombre lips in peach tone
The end, hope you enjoyed that!

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